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The “Last Supper” series presents photographs of re-created requested last meals of executed prisoners. 

The process of composing the pictures became a profound meditation on violence and how the state metes out justice and retribution. The meal is life given to the body, the execution is life taken from the body. The meals register the juxtaposition between and confusion over what is given and what is taken away.

Modernism opened doors to the psyche and produced a medical (clinical) approach to the behavior of human beings. Why haven’t we been able to see violent behavior in the same light as other self-destructive behavior? Why has violent behavior been left in the dark, locked away in concepts of condemnation and forgiveness?

Meals are symbolic. They often celebrate important occasions, they sustain us. You can make a meal for your boss, you can make a meal for your lover, you can make a meal for a baby, you can make a meal for a condemned person. The body politic is giving sustenance to the body condemned.

Photographs produced in 1999-2000 — printed in 2001 - 20×24 inches dye destruction editioned prints.